Author: Photos by Katherine Slingluff

De la cuisine: Mardi Gras Munching

Mardi Gras is late this year — March 5. The latest it can be is March 9 and the earliest it can be is Feb. 3. Every year, no matter on what date is falls, it’s either “early or late.”…

Think Cool

While everyone is cursing the high temps and humidity, I’m as happy as a clam at high tide. I agree August days can be as hot as Hades, and the mere thought of cooking can certainly make one break out…

Summer Repast

Abundant, sweet tomatoes are ripe for picking and eating alone or in a meal

mayo- daze

Creamy, dreamy homemade mayo elevates sandwiches, sauces and salads

Summer Fruits

Tomatoes, corn and figs take center stage during the hottest season

Spring Thaw

Winter’s heavy bounty gives way to light, seasonal vegetables

Lost Recipes

The sweet treats of my childhood were quite humble. Many afternoons when I arrived home from school during the winter months, Mama had sweet potatoes, still warm from the oven, on a tray along with a can of Steen’s 100%…

Farewell to Summer

I'll miss the languid days spent lolling in my hammock in the shade of the giant live oak trees on my property on Bayou Teche. I'll miss a quick dip in my sister's swimming pool followed by a trip, with…