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Acadiana Profile Magazine

Those Lucky Winners

This year, Acadiana raised $1,334,000 for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. The winner of the 2021 ($650,000) St. Jude Dream Home in Broussard:…

Migrating Places

The story of south Louisiana is one of constant flux and migration, going all the way back to the end of the Pleistocene Epoch when the melting Laurentide Ice Sheet allowed the…

Top Real Estate Professionals

Methodology The agents in this feature were selected through a submission process analyzed and vetted by Professional Research Services. Agents were asked to submit their sales volume over a specified 12-month period. Sales volumes were required to be accompanied by…

My Utilitarian Acadiana

I grew up next to a shipyard in a small village boasting three of them; no small achievement considering Loreauville has about 1,000 citizens. In addition to the shipyards, it had the…

Going Home

To New Iberia artist Jerome Weber, the land in south Louisiana’s Acadian parishes, filtered through warm, humid sunlight, is the most beautiful landscape in the United States. “Even before I…

Architecture and Nature

My parents’ house, where I grew up, was right behind my grandparents' house. With my childish eyes, I saw a huge house, almost a palace, with a brick staircase that climbed up to the sky. In reality, it was a…


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