Author: Judi Russell

Sur la menu: Allons Manger!

While the streets of New Orleans are overrun with partygoers, booze, boobs and beads, and cities all over Louisiana enjoy parades and balls of varying sizes and themes, small town Acadians celebrate the traditional day of feasting before Ash Wednesday…

Social Hub

If all goes as planned, by 2020, the petrochemical and transportation infrastructure network will top $117 billion in Allen, Beauregard, Calcasieu, Cameron and Jefferson Davis parishes. To put that sum into perspective consider this: That’s sum is about a third…

Woman's Work

Female chefs are running the kitchens and changing culinary culture in a host of Louisiana’s top restaurants

Hidden Treasure

Roberto’s Restaurant in Sunshine serves up innovative takes on Creole and Cajun cuisines in a circa-1950s general store

Cozy Cuisine

The Cabin in Burnside serves up lunch and brunch with a heavy side of atmosphere

seasonal shift

Welcoming autumn with soothing soups, stews, gumbos and oysters at their peak

Burger Kings

From standard to outrageous, Acadiana has a burger for every palate


Welcome  to Louisiana Life’s celebration of the culinarians who are making a mark on our unique state. The beauty of our culinary heritage and the people who are moving it forward while preserving and revealing the treasures of our past…

Beat Summer Heat

When the temperatures rise in Cajun Country, the cool kids go for cold treats

Crawfish Tales

The best mudbugs in Acadiana are worth time, trouble and effort

Market Fresh

Dining with Swedish visitors along the River Road in Plantation Country


The importance of locally-sourced foods on the Acadiana table

Best Chefs

Centuries after Le Grand Derangement French Acadians were forced from their homes in Nova Scotia at the hands of the British, Louisiana’s Acadians are in possession of an enviable culture that is undeniably rich in music, art, and especially gastronomy.…

Pizza Party

Reconsidering a global favorite customized to suit the Cajun palate

Tapas & Treats

Normally known to serve large portions, Acadiana has embraced the small-plate trend.