Acadiana Profile - October-November 2014

The Germans, Those Forgotten Creoles

Experts agree on a definition of Creole that recognizes, among other things, European origins. As the Acadiana flag shows, it focuses on only two countries: France and Spain. Our status as a former colony of these former empires, along with…

The Missing Missionary

The disappearance of a Jesuit missionary, a South Louisiana native, remains a mystery today, nearly 25 years after he seems to have vanished from the face of the earth. Fr. Eugene John Hebert, S.J., was born in Jennings on Oct.…

Nouvelles Des Villes

New Book in French and English Graced with a beautiful painting by the late George Rodrigue on the cover, the long-awaited Acadie Then and Now: A People’s History by Warren Perrin, Mary Broussard Perrin and Phil Comeau has arrived ($29.95…

Second Act

Sulphur artist Lerin Freyou reinvents old, discarded items into dazzling works of art reflective of her Acadiana roots.

Small Performers, Big Talent

For Kerry Onxley, Artistic Director of The Children’s Theatre Company of Lake Charles and Westlake High School, the show has gone on… and on, and on, and on.

Fall Fashions

As temperatures drop in Acadiana, it’s time to get cozy-chic.

Best Chefs

Work in the culinary arts sometimes requires extensive traveling to perfect a craft or to move up in the kitchen hierarchy. Many of Acadiana’s chefs, for instance, hail from other regions of the country, sometimes other parts of the world.…

With Honors

Three Teachers at the Head of the Class + Some of Acadiana’s Top Area Schools.