Acadiana Profile - February-March 2016

fitness & food

Fresh recipes; new fitness routines; and cool, casual restaurants abound

nouvelles de villes

Artfully Devoted Lafayette As a dedication to the community’s tragic July 2015 movie theater shooting in Lafayette, students and faculty from the UL-Lafayette School of Architecture and Design collaborated with the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada, Acadiana…


In Acadiana, we have an abundance of fresh ingredients available year-round. Thanks to freezers, we can also save produce to use at a later date. If you use fresh fruits or vegetables, consider adding a few ice cubes to keep…

Fit & Fun

11 spots around Acadiana prove that exercising doesn’t have to be a drag.

The Middle Of Here

A convenient rest stop along Highway 90, Morgan City– Acadiana Profile's City of the Year– has proven time & time again it's much more than a place to stretch you legs.

Rocking It

Bold, colorful gems and stones are hot this season.

Spice It Up

Add these accents to make your kitchen full of style and substance.

Cajun Couple Wears The Culinary Crown

Though they hail from different parts of Acadiana, the chemistry between husband/wife team Cody and Samantha Carroll has propelled them in the cutthroat Louisiana restaurant scene.

Meet Zydeco Radio

A new generation of Lafayette musicians incorporates old-school grooves.

Unfinished Business

Despite her lengthy, celebrated career deemed worthy of a reflective lecture series, Lafayette artist and professor Chryl Savoy isn’t done creating just yet.

Crawfish: Myth and Reality

In their cosmogony, the Chitimacha recognize a Creator, Thoumé Kéné Kimté Cacounche or the Great Spirit. In the beginning, he placed the land under water, fish being the first animals. In order to have the land rise above the water,…