celebrate new orleans

With 300 years of history, the Big Easy offers something for everyone during her birthday year

If Walls Could Talk

One of the most historic, colorful and story-filled sites in New Orleans can be found inside a hotel. Standing in the heart of the French Quarter, for nearly two centuries, is the iconic Orleans Ballroom, which is part of the…

Louisiana, The Historical ‘Trail’s End’ to Bonnie and Clyde

The world is still intrigued by the infamous outlaws Bonnie and Clyde, lovers who were destined to die together – and did – in northern Louisiana. Gibsland, Louisiana, located nearly midway between Shreveport and Monroe, was the duo’s last stop before they…

Treasures in the Heart of the Rice Belt

"Welcome to the Rice Capitol of America!" That’s the proud title the prairie town of Crowley has aptly earned and, rest assured, almost everything here revolves around rice. Early pioneers harvested rice in Crowley with the intention of creating the town’s…

Antebellum Return

With the allure of the Hollywood epic, coupled with the historical worldliness of a fairytale, there’s no chance Oak Alley would leave a visitor with anything but awe. The near 200-year-old homestead is unparalleled to any place in America and…


A Cajun jewel carved from the Bayou Teche, New Iberia's successful recipe as a community blends old-school values with the modern-day job creation and economic development methods, sprinkled with a liberal pinch of good times.

On The Run

Cajun Mardi Gras merges traditions old and new

Bayou Hopping

The woodland waterways of northeast Louisiana offer a world of adventure seemingly little changed since the days of De Soto, Mark Twain and Audubon. Here gators glide, pelicans preen, frogs hop, turtles bask on stumps and part-sunken logs while impossibly…

New Orleans Courtyards

With a combination of Old World and Caribbean influences, French Quarter courtyards embellish New Orleans. Hidden behind brick walls and iron gates, shaded by trees and greenery, complemented by the relaxing sights and sounds of water features, they are ideal…

The Biedenharn Museum

In Monroe, visitors can check out the former home of the man who invented the Coke bottle.

Lagniappe Records

In the age of Spotify, iTunes and numerous other digital streaming platforms, the owners of Lafayette's Lagniappe Records give customers a refreshingly old-school experience when it comes to discovering new – and vintage – music.

The Tasting Heard ‘Round the World

Don’t get too upset about my mixing the formerly completely separate senses of taste and hearing. There’s just no other way to express what happened on May 24, 1976. You see, the world of adult beverages was not always like…

Literary Legend

At 83, celebrated author Ernest J. Gaines reflects on his hopes and passions from his home in Oscar.

Claws To Celebrate

6 recipes for our native Blue Crab, plus a side order of local crustacean history

Cajun Boucherie

Community, culture and sustainability converge with culinary delights

Lâche Pas

Sustaining and spreading the tradition of Cajun boucherie