Acadiana Profile - June-July 2013

Not as Crazy as That

Zachary Richard, Ralph to his close friends, has come a long way since his birth in Scott, where the West begins, the boudin capital of the world. He could have remained his father’s son, playing in bars in the area,…

The Allure of Acadiana Profile

Moving back to Lafayette after finishing college was the last thing on my mind.      In 1969, the same year the first edition of Acadiana Profile rolled off the press, I was living in Baton Rouge and attending LSU.…

A League of Their Own

The 24-year run of the Evangeline League was marred by scandal, but the colorful group was also a huge source of Acadiana pride.

Flipping the Script

Although not from central casting, St. Martinville attorney Allan Durand has somehow found himself rubbing elbows with Hollywood’s elite screenwriters.

Pizza Toppers

“Acadiana” may not be synonymous with “pizza,” but there are a lot of fantastic options in the area.

Nouvelles des Villes

Special Cajun IDs and Plates to Benefit CODOFIL BATON ROUGE – If you’re Cajun and you know it … show your license?      As if the music, language, cuisine and overall cultural uniqueness weren’t already enough, two proposed legislative…

Sights to Behold

In what critics consider a full and accomplished artistic life, Fredric Daspit feels he’s finally reached his zenith despite the limitations of age.