Acadiana Profile - February-March 2013

Nouvelles des Villes

Ragin’ Cajuns Win Again in Postseason LAFAYETTE – For the first time in school history, the Ragin’ Cajuns football program posted back-to-back postseason wins as ULL secured its second consecutive New Orleans Bowl title, this time downing East Carolina 43-34…

Recipes to Celebrate

Mardi Gras, Valentine’s Day and other upcoming celebrations call for a variety of recipes.

End of the World Art

In her recent Apocalypse Now exhibit, ULL professor Lynda Frese continues to practice what she preaches: Art is a journey.

Paul's Song

KBON-FM owner and DJ Paul Marx lives his dream every weekday morning while preserving a once-faded cultural nugget of Acadiana.

The Trembling Prairie

It has been repeated so much that it has become a cliché. Worse than a cliché, it has become an accepted reality as certain as the sun rising in the east and the falling of leaves in autumn. Complete the…