Author: Paul F. Stahls Jr.

Well Done

If you can still remember your New Year’s resolutions, it’s likely that one of them had to do with food. Perhaps it was a pledge to eat healthier, in which case the following recipes may be helpful. Not only are…

Rise and Dine

5 breakfast and brunch favorites that’ll stick to your ribs day or night

My Oh My Cakes and Pies

The holiday season is also the baking season, the time when many who never bake do so nonstop. I would wager that the sales of flour, sugar, butter, eggs, vanilla, shortening, nuts, dried fruits and all the other essentials skyrocket…

Claws To Celebrate

6 recipes for our native Blue Crab, plus a side order of local crustacean history

Sinners & Saints

There are times to indulge and, alas, times to eat in moderation. Times when we throw caution to the wind and times when we dial it back a bit. Periods of riotous celebration give way to sobriety, excess to something…

A Fresh Take On Nostalgic Recipes

It’s difficult to imagine such a thing, but we may be witnessing a revival of the 1950s. Anyone who lived through those years will wonder how or why this is possible, but those who are too young to have been…

Garden Fresh

how to grow these springtime staples, plus three light & easy recipes the new year off right

Garden to Table

This is the time of year to plant beets, carrots and potatoes in anticipation of all the earthy flavors we’ll enjoy a few months down the road. The days when beets were predictably red, carrots were always orange and potatoes…

Summer’s Bounty

Fresh vegetables are abundant in these long summer days. Fortunately, so are recipes for them.