Dining Features

Cheap Eats

ith talk of inflation and recession dominating the news cycle, saving a few shekels is on a lot of people’s minds. But how can we go about a day in Bayou land without partaking of a delicious culinary treat? Thankfully,…

The Hallmark of Authentic Cajun Cooking

    In 1976, when I went out into the field to begin gathering recipes for the first cookbook Acadiana Profile would ever publish, I was on a well-focused mission to track down nothing but authentic Cajun recipes.     But the…

Farm to Table

A national movement aimed at eating food raised and grown locally is flourishing in Cajun Country.

De la Cuisine: Easy as Pie

Perfect for chilly evenings, pot pies might not be authentic Acadian fare, but they are the ultimate comfort food

Chill Out with Sandwiches

When you’re starving but can’t stand the thought of heating up the kitchen, sandwiches are the perfect solution.

Rise & Dine!

Some of the best spots for breakfast and brunch in Acadiana.


Starting from scratch, Nidal Balbeisi has built a restaurant empire in Lafayette.

Summer’s Bounty

Fresh vegetables are abundant in these long summer days. Fortunately, so are recipes for them.