Lane Mack from Lafayette to LA and back

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Lafayette native Lane Mack’s time on NBC’s “The Voice” not only allowed him to claim a spot in the top 48, but also lead to him writing new music, having his blind audition song hit number one on the iTunes Blues Charts and to making tons of industry connections.

Those connections spurred him to share the love and keep the party going by bringing some of the talent from this season of “The Voice” to perform a reunion show in Lafayette.

Artists currently slated for the Feb. 17 reunion show at Warehosue 535 are Kylie Rothfield, Brendan Fletcher, Christian Cuevas, Gabe Broussard and Aaron Gibson.

Trying out for a show like “The Voice” was something Mack always meant to do but this was the year he decided to finally make it happen.

There was an agonizing 54 seconds of waiting during Mack’s live audition, but Miley Cyrus did indeed turn her chair around to choose him as a contestant on the show.

“There’s a part in the movie ‘Old Schoo’ where Will Ferrell is playing an idiot who’s debating,” says Mack. “He goes up for his turn, totally nails it and afterwards asks, ‘What happened? I blacked out.’ That was basically my audition until Miley turned her chair. I wasn’t focused on the music or what I was singing. The only thing I could think of was, ‘Turn the chair, turn the chair,’ and finally when the chair turned, it was back to the performance.”

The months leading up to the live audition were a long road for Mack who went through multiple rounds of auditions and spent about three weeks preparing his song for the live audition round.

“It can be a little grueling at times because you’re rehearsing that song over and over again,” says Mack. “I got to a point where I was playing everything but that song because I was tired of it, and I actually wrote a couple of things while I was out there.”

In addition to having Miley as his coach on the show, Mack had the chance to spend time with Joan Jet, better known as the Queen of Rock and Roll, who Miley brought in as her guest coach.

“Meeting Joan Jet was pretty incredible,” says Mack. “She gives the best hugs and has kind of a motherly quality to her,” says Mack. “Miley emailed me one day to tell me Joan had been listening to the rehearsal recording and loved my voice. Then Miley said she had been driving down the highway jamming out to the recording on full blast, which is kind of the dream.”

Working with the pair fit Mack’s style perfectly since his goal on the show was simply to be himself musically, which he describes as part rock and roll and part blues.

“Neither one of them tried to push anything on us as far as coaching goes, they just wanted us to be the best versions of ourselves,” says Mack. “That was perfect for me because I wasn’t trying to be something that I’m not.”

When he wasn’t rehearsing, Mack’s time on the set was spent connecting with other artists and getting to know the crew, which made each segment of filming feel like a mini reunion.

“Hands down the best part was connecting with and meeting new people,” says Mack. “I tried to spend a little bit of quality time with everybody that I could that was out there. The crew and the contestants got really close, and within the first weeks we were like brothers and sisters. The whole experience was amazing for that reason alone.”

Mack’s experience on the show came with many highs but was not free of regret.

“I have mixed feelings about some things on the show,” says Mack. “There’s some back and forth on song selection and you don’t get a whole lot of time to work out things with the band, but of course I was trying to be as easy as possible to work with. It was definitely a growing experience for me though.”

According to Mack about 40,000 people auditioned for this season of “The Voice,” so while being cut was a disappointment, making it to the top 48 is an experience he places a high value on.

“It brought out a lot of confidence in my vocals and vocal styling,” says Mack. “Knowing that you’re out there going toe to toe with some of the best singers, you can’t help but have some confidence in your abilities. I’m happy it happened when it happened because I’ll cherish the experience more than I would have if I had been 16, 18 or even 21.”

The reunion show in Lafayette will highlight each of the five artists’ musical stylings and unlike many area shows, is open to all ages.

“We’re going to start the show as a song writers in the round, where each artist does four or five solo songs to fit with their style,” says Mack. “Then we’ll do a few songs each with the full band. With this type of format, you’re really going to get a bang for your buck.”

The show is scheduled for Feb. 17 from 8 to 11 p.m. at Warehouse 535, 535 Garfield St, Lafayette, 337-534-4507. Tickets are $10 in advance or $15 at the door. Click here for more show details and ticket information.



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