Suzette Tardo Fowler

Owner, Camp Bow Wow, Lafayette | Owner, Camp Bow Wow, Charleston, South Carolina
Sm Fowler

Beyond its well-known services—boarding, day camp, training, grooming, in-home pet sitting, and shuttle services—Camp Bow Wow helps animals in need across Acadiana and Charleston, SC, by fostering for and donating to local animal rescues and by sponsoring and participating in adoption events.

“The opportunity to turn a passionate love for animals into a business venture not only makes for a rewarding career but allows me to help the less fortunate animals in our community,” says Suzette. “I am extremely honored to be a part of multiple endeavors to improve the lives of animals in need.”

The Bow Wow Buddies Foundation by Camp Bow Wow offers medical grants and annual funding for a yearly scholarship to CSU Animal Cancer Center.

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