Acadiana Profile - February-March 2011

Tailored for a Perfect Fit

Having children means a different approach to the design and décor of a home. Kristie and Jacques Poirier managed to achieve that and much more.

The Art of Converting Scrap

BREAUX BRIDGE – The world of Joseph Jilbert is contained in an aesthetically disturbing tin-sided dwelling –– half house, half workshop. With a bedroom, kitchen and living room all linked by a common toolshed décor, it’s tucked far away from…

Louisiana French/Français en Louisiane

A little over a year ago, The Dictionary of Louisiana French as Spoken in Cajun, Creole and American Indian Communities appeared. In reading the title, one gets an idea of the monumental range of this work. It is the fruit…

Drawn to Drawing

Lafayette artist Kody Chamberlain was a late bloomer but has received national acclaim in the world of comic book art.

The True Characteristics of the Cajun People

About 20 years ago, on the day I turned 40, I was musing over the idea of writing my first book.Having been the editor of Acadiana Profile, the magazine of the Cajun Country, for quite a number of years, I…