Within Louisiana’s coastal waters resides a creature that is relatively unattractive on the outside…

Best of Dining

Each year, Acadiana Profile celebrates the top chefs and restaurants within the 22-parish region that encompasses 14, 500 square miles and more than 1,400,000 residents. We have explored the very heart of Acadiana to find the best of the best.…

Best Chefs

There was a time when visitors from around the world were drawn to Acadiana for its unique Cajun culinary specialties. That fact remains true, but today what Acadiana’s chefs offer is more a mix of the traditional, the innovative and the international. For the 2017 installment of our Best Chefs feature, we spotlight three chefs who learned the culinary arts in their communities at the elbows of family members and two who bring a special style from abroad. Some obtained their education from formal institutions and others by simply doing. It’s a mixture that still makes Acadiana a unique culinary hub that attracts visitors to our region year after year.

Around The State

NORTH   Shreveport Red River Wine Revel Cork, a Red River Revel Wine Event is a perfect way to spend a Saturday afternoon in early April. Restaurants from the Shreveport-Bossier area provide sumptuous food as you saunter through Festival Plaza…

Warming Effect

Thaitini at Blu Basil in Lafayette will keep your spirits high

Crawfish Tales

The best mudbugs in Acadiana are worth time, trouble and effort

Tops of Acadiana

In Acadiana, there’s no shortage of delectable food, boogie-down music, talented individuals, stylish shops, tasty brews and places for cultural enlightenment or entertaining adventures. Which makes it nearly impossible to pick and choose favorites. Perhaps we are gluttons for punishment, …

Best Chefs

Centuries after Le Grand Derangement French Acadians were forced from their homes in Nova Scotia at the hands of the British, Louisiana’s Acadians are in possession of an enviable culture that is undeniably rich in music, art, and especially gastronomy.…

Pizza Party

Reconsidering a global favorite customized to suit the Cajun palate

Best New Restaurants

Another year passes in Acadiana and the culinary scene grows more diverse and more expansive, giving visitors and residents alike endless opportunities for fabulous dining experiences. Some longstanding establishments, such as Blue Dog of Lafayette and RiverFront Louisiana Grill of…

Location Spotlight: Ace Hotel New Orleans

For years, Ace Hotels have popped up all over the United States from New York and Pittsburg; to Portland and Seattle; and Palm Springs and Los Angeles. Last month, the company opened its latest incarnation in the Big Easy. Since then,…

Cajun Couple Wears The Culinary Crown

Though they hail from different parts of Acadiana, the chemistry between husband/wife team Cody and Samantha Carroll has propelled them in the cutthroat Louisiana restaurant scene.