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Pillars of Acadiana 2021

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Mike Calcote, Jeweler and Owner

Specializing in fine jewelry, custom designs, and jewelry repair, Lafayette Jewelers has enjoyed playing an important role in the celebrations of Acadians—their engagements, weddings, anniversaries, graduations, birthdays and more—since 2013. With 45 years of experience as a bench jeweler, Owner Mike Calcote began his career in Franklin before working for more than two decades with the Fontenots at Hallmark Jewelers in the Northgate Mall. With Lafayette Jewelers, Mike has stayed true to Hallmark’s customers, the diverse community of Lafayette’s north side, and loyal customers from all across Acadiana and the states.

“We choose our inventory carefully to provide unique quality pieces you won’t likely find anywhere else,” says Mike.

Working alongside his wife and son, Laurie and Evan, Mike has developed a family business that continues to serve generations of Lafayette families just as the Fontenots did. Along with Store Manager Angela Beduze and Associate Virginia Kendall, the entire Lafayette Jewelers team welcomes customers, old and new alike, to experience the difference only an experienced and impassioned jeweler can provide.

3215 Louisiana Ave, Ste 106 Lafayette
337. 534.4551

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