Joli: Flowers / Full Bloom

1 Monstera

From jewelry to potted plants, the monstera is having a moment. The massive leaf, also known as the Swiss cheese plant, balances delicate, intricate orchids.

2 Sprigs

Feathery and light touches of greenery from the orchids balance the robust monstera for a fresh touch.

3 Orchids

Is there any flower more elegant than a white orchid? The serene orchid represents innocence, beauty and virility.

4 White Lace

A truly fitting name, the white lace flower adds airiness to a summer bouquet.

5 White Freesia

Beautiful either in bloom or within the bud, the white freesia is a member of the iris family. Its bell shape adds dimension and strength, gorgeously contrasting with delicate white lace.

For your bouquet, capture various stages of growth with buds and blossoms paired with lush greenery for a clean and earthy effect.

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