Honoring a Literary Legend

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Honoring a Literary Legend

January brings the debut of a new U.S. postage stamp depicting the celebrated late author, Ernest Gaines (the former UL writer-in-residence emeritus, born on a plantation in Oscar). The stamp, which artfully portrays Gaines in his beloved beret, will be the 46th in USPS’ Black Heritage series that also includes a 2023 stamp depicting writer Toni Morrison.


Southwestern Region
Ne Touchez Pas Les Canards!

While hunting and handling waterfowl (especially ducks) this season, avoid contact with sick birds since they may be carrying bird flu. A national lab recently found a strain of bird flu in blue-winged teal that were killed in southwest Louisiana. It has been detected in wild and domestic birds (including turkeys) in 49 states. Hunting equipment can also transport the virus. (For safety info: contact LDWF State Veterinarian Dr. James LaCour at jlacour@wlf.la.gov).

Become a Secret Santa

Beauregard Homebound seniors often live in isolation without receiving any visitors. Their solitude is invariably amplified during the holidays. This year, the Beauregard Council on Aging is bringing Christmas to 55 qualifying homebound seniors. Volunteers who would like to become a Secret Santa and spread holiday cheer or temporarily “adopt” a senior for the holidays (via simple niceties) can apply through Dec. 13. Call 337-463-6578 or 337-463-9694. The seniors’ presents are delivered the following week (beaucoa.com).

Artful Awakenings

NUNU Arts and Culture Collective’s compelling group exhibition, Introspection: Land of Misfit Toys featuring 22 emerging and established artists (including NUNU founder George Marks, Lisa DiStefano and Paul Klubek) showcases a diversity of revelatory paintings, sculptures, photography, pottery and mixed media works through Jan. 1, 2023 (nunucollective.org)

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