Gus Rantz

As President of Acadiana-based healthcare company AMG, Gus Rantz has transformed a small, regional company into a national, top-ten, post-acute care specialty hospital provider serving the most critically ill patient populations across the country.

“I’m constantly amazed by the physical and mental strength that our patients demonstrate when dealing with very difficult health circumstances. It makes it hard to complain when I think I’m having a bad day,” says Gus.
 While Gus has successfully led AMG through acquisitions, turnarounds, and ever-changing regulatory red tape over his 13-year tenure, he gives the credit for all of AMG’s success to its employees.

“I have been blessed professionally with mentors, partners, and a leadership team that have helped grow AMG to amazing heights, but none of it would be possible without the thousands of amazing, life-saving people that go to work every day with ‘AMG’ on their shirts and scrubs,” he says.