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Terrariums can breathe life into any room – literally. Not only are they aesthically pleasing, but they have health benefits, too: Studies have shown that indoor plants can improve cognitive function, help fight colds, and reduce stress. Plus, setting up your own gets your creative juices flowing and is a calming but productive activity.

Succulents like dry, sunny environments. Be careful not to overwater.

Container:  Consider what kind of environment you want to create. Humid environments work best with a lid. For a dry environment, a lid is optional. If you find a container that you like, but it lacks a lid, you can make one out of a piece of corkboard.

Soil: Do your research and make sure that the soil is appropriate for the plant. For moss, use a peat moss mixture, which is less likely to mold. For succulents, blend potting soil, sand and perlite.

Charcoal: cleans excess water

Gravel: improves drainage

Accents: Use your imagination and invent a world with  HO figures and animals. Check out Hobby Town  in Lafayette or any shop that sells model train accessories.

Give air plants bright, indirect sunlight and water at least 2 times per week by immersing the whole plant in water.

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