Dr. Corwin A. Thomas


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Dr. Corwin A. Thomas, FACC, FASNC, FSCAI

Dr. Corwin Thomas refers to his career as a “heart’s calling,” and to this accomplished cardiologist, matters of the heart mean more than the cardiac and vascular issues he treats. A native of Georgetown, Guyana, Dr. Thomas grew up in an area where resources were scarce for those in need. Inspired to help others, Dr. Thomas pursued a holistic medical career centered on helping people live healthy, happy lives.

Committed to continued education and medical advancements, he continues to grow his offerings and expertise with extensive specialized training within the field of cardiology. Dr. Thomas is known for his proficiency in the management of peripheral vascular disease and cardiac arrhythmias as much as he is known for his down-to-earth and friendly approach to patients. His practice offers comprehensive cardiovascular care, including hospital procedures and treatment of critically ill patients.

In addition to helping others through his practice, Dr. Thomas works with others to sponsor scholarships for aspiring students who want to continue their education.

Dr. Corwin A. Thomas Cardiology
802 E. Farrel Rd, Lafayette

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