A Cosmo Comeback

Canons of a celebratory classic are elevated with a fresh improvisation at Fire and Oak


There may be a debate over who created the cosmopolitan, but the sweet-tart, rosy-hued cocktail that remains inextricably linked to the 1990s “Sex and the City” HBO show has been making a comeback.

Call it nostalgia. Its ubiquity has spurred countless riffs. In New York’s Greenwich Village, Linden Pride of Dante (listed as the “World’s Best Bar” in 2019 by Tales of the Cocktail) has added eight cosmo varietals while launching a line of bottled cosmopolitans.

In Lake Charles, Fire and Oak’s refreshing raspberry cosmo addition tops the must-try list. It replaces the standard cranberry juice with house-made fresh raspberry syrup, while also switching out both liqueur and garnish.

“The natural pectin in the raspberries gives the cocktail excellent viscosity,” says proprietor Andrew Green. Spoken like a true chef.

Best known for his fine dining haven, 1910 (shuttered after hurricane Laura), Chef Green opened Fire and Oak (5656 Nelson Road Suite 2, Lake Charles) in late February following a five-month, hurricane-related delay. He is now planning to reopen 1910 while also planning to restyle Fire and Oak.

“My goal is 100% to reopen 1910 and return it to its former glory,” says Chef Green. “Planned Fire and Oak upgrades include adding mirrors in the bar and expanding the patio while creating a better floor plan to give it some personality.”

Beyond craft cocktails, Chef Green’s cuisine dazzles. Begin with fried oysters, crisped by potatoflakes, fancifully stacked atop Rockefeller sauce with pickled purple carrots and radishes or the baked canoe-cut beef shank bone cradling creamy bone marrow, served with grilled artisan country bread. Next, order Chilean sea bass with pineapple fried rice and wasabi beurre blanc and end with “Something Chocolate,” an unforgettable cardamom cake filled with frothy white chocolate amaretto mousse crowned with a bourbon chocolate mirror glaze. Like the festive raspberry cosmo, the alluring sweet sensation is both complex and approachable.



Raspberry Cosmo

1 | Muddle 4 ounces fresh raspberries and .5 ounces Pierre Ferrand dry curaçao together. Add 1.5 ounces Wheatley vodka, .75 ounces lime juice and 1 ounce chilled raspberry syrup.

2 | Shake vigorously with ice. Double strain into a martini glass. Anchor a fresh rosemary sprig with a few raspberries as garnish.


Get the recipe for raspberry syrup and watch a video of a raspberry cosmo being crafted at AcadianaProfile.com

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