The Manual

For the men of Acadiana, family is the tie that binds; hard work is paramount; the land is to be cared for and cherished; and life is to be not only appreciated, but lived to the fullest and with joy. Add to that an enduring spirit, serious storytelling skills and a tendency to be more interested in experiences than material goods, and you have the recipe for a life well lived. These attributes could be used to describe the majority of people from the region, man or woman. But for this issue of Acadiana Profile Magazine, we're training our eyes on — and celebrating — the menfolk. ¶ The "MAN-ual" is a guide to everything from rugged style and grooming to hobbies and outdoor activities. We also tossed a little romance into this gumbo of a guide, because Cajun men (and women) like things spicy. Discover businesses throughout Acadiana where you can get products and services to keep that beard from slipping too far into "Duck Dynasty" territory (Unless that's your thing. Who are we to judge?); get the scoop on whiskey tastings and other manly pursuits; and find new ways to play hard, whether it's boxing or disc golf. ¶ We're not saying you fellas aren't already the stuff dreams are made of, but if you are looking to shake things up or simply in the market for a dapper new pair of boots, pour yourself a pint of your favorite local brew and settle in for a few minutes with the Acadiana Profile MAN-ual. Allons!

Facial Hair Manual

Beard Guide

Tips and tools for growing that man mane with pride


Products? Yes products. You think that beard behaves all on its own? No. Those things can get unruly. Stock up on the following products to keep that face mane soft, groomed and lucious.

BEARD WASH It can be difficult cleansing a beard. Soap and facial cleansers can dry out the coarse hairs, and normal shampoo may cause irritation to the skin underneath it. Check out

BEARD OIL Give your facial hair a soothing scent and help soften and condition your beard. Louisiana Beard & Facial Hair Association handmakes six beard oil blends, using only natural, organic oils and essential oils.

Have you ever wanted one of those old-timey shaves with the fluffy brush and straight razor? Well, we found a place for you to get that done, and have a cocktail to boot! What!? Head on over to Rifinery Downtown in Lafayette. No really, check it out.

Beards aren't just for hipsters. No, gents, it's well-established that beards are for men. Cajun men; and all men. Let's sling some science on the subject, shall we? A 2013 study found that "women judged faces with heavy stubble as most attractive." Researchers presented 351 women and 177 heterosexual men with photos of 10 men shown four different ways : clean-shaven, five days growth (light stubble), 10 days growth (heavy stubble) and full beard. They then asked the men and women to rate each photo according to attractiveness. Heavy stubble was a clear winner among women. ¶ This makes sense if you look at it through the evolutionary standpoint. How else is a woman supposed to know if you are a good mate or not? A beard is your mane, man. It demonstrates masculinity. Would a lion shave its beard? No. Thats ridiculous. Regardless, don't be afraid to grow out those whiskers. Society says one thing about facial hair, but our subconcious animal selves say something completely different. And, if you are a single man ready to settle down, a full beard may be a good way to attract a serious mate. The study also found that "Full-bearded men may be perceived as better fathers who could protect and invest in offspring."  Plus, who likes shaving everyday anyway? No one — thats who. More of a reason to let those locks loose. Now don't go all crazy and messy, keep it tidy, ya hear?

Fashion Manual

Style for Miles

When in doubt, pull Frank Sinatra out


ACCESSORIES: Genterie Supply Co., in Lafayette is the place to stock up on shoes, boots, bags, shades, shirts, grooming and home goods.

CLOTHIER: Gaidry’s Menswear in Lake Charles has you covered for casual and dressy menswear and accessories. 121 W College St, Lake Charles, (337) 474-3800

SOUTHERN STYLE: Classic clothing and accessories abound at Brothers on the Boulevard in Lafayette.

Have you avoided wearing a necktie or bow-tie due to the seemingly daunting task of learning how to tie it? Tutorials abound at

Old Blue Eyes is about as far from Acadiana as you can get, but is the epitome of classic manliness. Well-dressed and groomed, Frank was full of swagger. By dressing well you send out the vibes that you are confident, sophisticated and intelligent.We suggest trying this out at the next LSU or University of Louisiana at Lafayette game. (No, really.) A Men's Warehouse survey conducted by Kelton Research (take that for what you will) found that 78 percent of women think one of the sexiest things a man can do is dress well. Sixty three percent of women find a man in a suit more attractive than one in a uniform. ¶ Two studies (Journal of Experimental Psychology and European Journal of Social Psychology) determined that wearing red (or standing in front of a red background) attracts more of the opposite sex. The same is true for both genders.  So, suit up — consider a red tie or go bold with red shoes — and conduct a little experiment in animal behavior.  Geaux, tiger. Too much? Yeah, we thought so too.

Great Outdoors Manual

Get Out

Boats, guns and gear for outdoor fun in Acadiana


OUTDOOR SUPPLIES Pack and Paddle specializes in carrying supplies for outdoor activities like rock climbing, backpacking, canoeing, kayaking and kayak fishing, fly fishing and camping.

FIREARMS Hunter’s Supply and Pistol Range is locally owned and operated in Lake Charles, and carries a variety of firearms; the store and pistol range also provides information on concealed carrying.

Acadiana Gunworks of Scott provides concealed carry classes and many different makes and models of firearms for the hunter or gun enthusiast.

VEHICLES With two locations in Lafayette, Lafayette Power Sports is the place to go for outdoor motors, boats, ATVs and more.

Louisiana doesn't have many large rocks to climb, but that doesn't mean there aren't rock walls. Check out Southern Stone (previously Rok Haus) in Lafayette.

Louisiana is, of course, the sportsman’s paradise and the state is rife with bayous for canoeing and kayaking; rivers for boating and fishing; and has secret walking and jogging trails in its myriad parks and sanctuaries. ¶ The subtropical weather offers residents almost year round access to the Gulf Coast’s abundance of natural beauty. There’s plenty to see and do; paddling on Lake Martin at sunrise, waterskiing on the Vermilion River and even taking advantage of the numerous gun ranges for hunters to practice in preparation for deer and duck seasons. Hunting enthusiasts flock to Louisiana for its gun-friendly attitude and ample acres of land for fishing and shooting — two time-honored traditions that represent the resourcefulness of Acadiana’s residents.

Hobbies Manual

Wise Guys

Tasting, cooking and music classes polish up the rough edges of the Cajun man, but not too much

Try This

BECOME A CONNOISSEUR Charley G's offers monthly tastings ranging from wine to whiskey to beer.

LEARN TO COOK The new Tabasco cooking classes on Avery Island show attendees how to make meals with a spicy kick.

PLAY AN INSTRUMENT The Music Academy of Acadiana provides guitar, piano, drum, violin, saxophone, brass and wood instrument lessons to aspiring musicians of all ages and skill levels.

Test out your new tasting skills at The Barrel in Broussard. This top shelf whiskey and bourbon bar has more than 75 different brands of the brown stuff and offers half shots for tasters with commitment issues. Tasting classes are in the works.

It’s easy for anyone to get caught in a routine. From eating, to dancing, to getting sucked down into the Netflix rabbit hole, getting stuck in a trap we set for ourselves feels almost inevitable, but Acadiana has loads of diverse interest groups and activities to break that vicious cycle. ¶ According to, 43 percent of men polled said watching TV is their favorite activity to do in their free time. Put the remote down! ¶ Whether it’s talking shop about a high-end or locally made whiskey, taking on a new instrument, or even learning new ways to cook Cajun favorites, there are tons of routes the enlightened Cajun man can take on his way to self-fulfillment. Classes offer a gateway into new lifestyles at all ages and clubs can foster a sense of camaraderie around common interests.

Sports Manual

Play Around

Get fit or just pass a good time with running, boxing and golf groups

Try This

RUN FOR IT Lafayette's Geaux Run sells trainers, apparel and accessories in addition to hosting almost daily group runs at various locations.

THROW IT Magnolia Park Disc Golf League in St. Martinville features a new disc golf course that meanders along the Bayou Teche under massive oaks.

HIT IT Title Boxing Club in Lafayette offers a full range of boxing and kickboxing classes; the club also offers the first class for free.

Called “The best kept secret in Acadiana,” Farm d’Allie Golf Club 18-hole public course in Carencro has 13 ponds and lakes, 30 recently renovated bunkers and five sets of Tees. Visit for more information

Around here, the goals behind taking on a sport vary between fitness, social prowess and passing a good time, but the ultimate is to find an activity that can satisfy at least two of those interests at once.  Dad bods may be in, but according to the President’s Council on Fitness, Sports and Nutrition, adults between 17 and 64 years old need at least two and a half hours, or 150 minutes, each week of physical activity. Luckily, participation in local group activities is on the rise, and there are many organizations to keep the Louisiana man on track (and keep the boudin, beer and Sunday Funday calories at bay). Even if “gains” aren’t on the priority list, a relaxing day at the golf course or park is always a good idea.

Romance Manual

Spice It Up

Add a dash of romance with new and classic Acadiana date spots

TASTE Local craft beer lovers have a new location in Bayou Teche Brewing’s brewery, which houses a patio with picnic-style seating and live music.

DANCE The La Poussiere Cajun Dancehalle in Breaux Bridge has been around for more than 60 years, and features musicians like Steve Riley, Wayne Toups and Kevin Naquin.

WALK The Acadiana Nature Station has both short and long trails for walkers and runners with many different animals and plants native to Louisiana to see along the way.

Lake Martin is on ample land under ancient cypress trees and is a favorite spot for sunset picnics and sunrise kayaking.

The modern Acadiana man embraces the tradition and innovation in his hometown. He’ll hit the highway for traditional Mardi Gras runs and sip beer from brand new microbreweries down the road. On a clear day, he’ll take a canoe or kayak to the lake and paddle among Cypress trees. He takes the same past-meets-present approach to dating. In recent years, men have donned the beards and flannels of their forefathers while taking advantage of Acadiana’s progressive social scene, and women have taken notice. It’s now expected for a man to be as knowledgeable about new seasonal brews as he is on how to two-step. There are tons of old-school spots to discover after a brewery tour or walk along a trail, and plenty of old Cajun staples and new attractions are available to keep him and his special lady, or potential love interest, busy.