Slice and Dice

Photo By Romero & Romero

1. Ideal for slicing fruits and vegetables, the versatile Wüsthof paring knife adds precision and style to a kitchen essential, from The Kitchenary at Heymann’s.
2. The esteemed German label Wüsthof, delivers the highest quality of a classic with this serrated knife, from The Kitchenary at Heymann’s.
3. The Ken Onion chef’s knife has a curved blade and a long, easy-to-grip handle. The impregnanted surface of the knife prevents it from sticking, from E’s Kitchen.
4. Shun’s Premier Combination honing knife gently corrects blades’ angles from daily wear and tear and features two surfaces: one for daily honing, and a microribbed surface for weekly honing, from E’s Kitchen.

Honing steels are meant to realign the knife’s edge, which normally drifts after regular use. Use the same number of strokes on each side and hone at approximately 20 degrees.

• The Kitchenary at Heymann’s. 456 Heymann Blvd. # C, Lafayette. (337) 264-1037.
• E’s Kitchen. 1921 Kaliste Saloom Road, Lafayette. (337) 534-8928.