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Quest Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics isn’t your average dental practice—with an atmosphere that ensures a fun and relaxing visit for patients and parents, children enjoy coming back time and again for visits with Drs. Troy Miller, Shilpa Nileshwar, and Ainsli Hollier. Quest offers comprehensive oral healthcare under one roof, including both acute care and preventative services, and also offers an on-site, orthodontist, Dr Lindsey Richard Landry, available to treat adults and children.

Dedicated to your child’s care, the entire team at Quest strives to provide the best possible dental care for infants, children, teens, and kids with special healthcare needs. Healthy smiles are always the goal, and each Pediatric Specialist offers anticipatory guidance regarding growth and development as well as dietary counseling

Quest offers a Dental Saving Plan to ensure affordable and quality dental care for everyone, and on-call doctors are available for after-hours emergencies. Begin your quest for a healthy smile by scheduling an appointment today.


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