Crabbing in Alligator Territory

Alligator In Everglades National Park

Crabbing in Alligator Territory

Cameron Parish After a six-month hiatus, the Rockefeller Wildlife Refuge reopened for spring and summer fun in eastern Cameron Parish. Located along the Gulf Coast, the 76,000-acre refuge plays host to hundreds of thousands of ducks, geese and wading birds. Beware of alligators: It boasts the highest alligator nesting densities in the U.S. A public boat launch opened at East End Locks, featuring exceptional crabbing and bank fishing for speckled trout, drum and largemouth bass (




Be sure to call ahead for COVID-19-related closures before visiting any of the places listed.



Adieu, Storied Salt Dome!

Avery Island, Breaux Bridge An era has ended for Avery Island, famed as the first rock salt mine in North America. Fun fact: During the Civil War, the fabled salt dome (formed 165 million years ago) produced 22 million pounds of salt for the Confederacy. Cargill, Inc., the mine’s manager since 1997, announced the official end of Avery Island’s (recently perilous) salt production. Cargill runs another salt facility in Breaux Bridge, now under expansion (




Better Dial it Right

Don’t forget: Telephone customers in Acadiana have to start dialing 10 digits for local calls starting April 24, when areas codes should be added. The initial rollout will allow seven-digit local calls to still be completed for the first six months (Tip: Reprogram your home security system and medical devices). Calls omitting the area code after Oct. 24 will not go through.



Try a New Alibi

Lafayette The long-awaited Alibi restaurant, named for owner Mitch LeBlanc’s favored comedic TV series, “Shameless,” notorious for its Alibi Room bar (modeled after Moe’s from “The Simpsons”), opened in the former Saint Street Inn. Chef Carnel “Smiley” prepares Italian/Cajun fare featuring pastas and rice dressing, filet mignon crowned with lump crabmeat and signature half-pound beef-and-brisket burgers (