Layers of Lavender

Lucky’s elevates the gimlet with floral notes of the summer-abundant botanicals celebrated in sunny Provence


Lucky’s Fire & Smoke
6774 Johnston St., Lafayette


In the ancient hilltop village of Sault, known worldwide as the birthplace of lavender, the salubrious mountain air of Provence is filled with the intoxicating fragrance of lavender fields in glorious bloom until mid-August, when the annual Fête de la Lavandes showcases everything from lavender crème brûlée and rosé wines fragrant of rose petals to lavender-laced gin and St. Germain cocktails.

Lavender is a floral favorite when it comes to elevating summery cocktails. The crisp, sweet fragrance of fresh lavender sprigs that garnish Lavender Gimlets at the new Lucky’s Fire & Smoke rekindles the aromatic Provençal fields of summer.

Gin and St. Germain liqueur are laced with calming lavender-infused syrup and bitters by Chef Jimmy Schmidt, founder of the original Lucky’s in Detroit. The celebrated Midwestern food scientist-restaurateur designed the farm-to-table, gluten-free menus and cocktails incorporating his botanically-infused syrups and libation spices for the locally-owned Lucky’s in Lafayette, opened in June.

The bottled syrups are on display at the bar. Grab a seat beneath the pendant lights and enjoy a soothing Lavender Gimlet with layers of herbal-sweet-citrusy flavors or a Sassy Old Fashioned with sarsaparilla syrup and a burst of smoke, released as the lid is removed.

“Lucky’s has taken the classics, added our botanically-infused syrups and made them fun again,” says co-owner Eddie Khoury.

American wagyu beef, cured with Chef Schmidt’s original blend of spices, is central to the live-fire-and-smoke concept at the chic, 120-seat eatery with a picturesque patio and secluded chef’s table.

Fire elements begin with a flaming “golden candle” of solidified wagyu oil and herbs, designed for dipping gluten-free bread. The live-smoked wagyu beef short rib platter, covered in a diaphanous dome, is ceremoniously pierced to release swirls of smoke. Lucky’s mango crème brûlée, paired with sparkling Faire La Fête Rosé with the aroma of rose petals, invigorates a finale of French flavors.


Home Bar

Lavender Gimlet

1. Place 2 ounces gin, 1 ounce St. Germaine, 1 ounce lavender syrup, ½-ounce lime juice and 4 dashes lavender bitters into a shaker glass and dry shake (without ice) for approximately 15-20 seconds for foaming purposes.

2. Then place ice in a shaker glass and cold shake for another 20 seconds.

3. Pour into a chilled martini glass and garnish with a fragrant fresh lavender sprig.



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