Lafayette Bone & Joint, Inc.

Dr. David Muldowny, Dr. Daniel Hodges, Dr. Louis Blanda, Dr. Malcolm Stubbs, Dr. Jayme Trahan

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For the last 48 years, Lafayette Bone and Joint Clinic, Inc. has provided families across Acadiana with top medical treatments for orthopedic, neurosurgical, and pain management needs. Located in the heart of Lafayette, the state-of-the-art clinic features a team of three board certified orthopedic surgeons, one board certified neurosurgeon, and one board certified physiatrist, and nursing staff.

In addition to general orthopedics, neurological surgery, and physical medicine and rehabilitation, Lafayette Bone and Joint, Inc. specializes in spine surgery, sports medicine, arthroscopy, reconstructive surgery, and joint replacement. Additional in-office services include digital X-ray, casting, braces, oral medications, and physical therapy.

Dr. Louis Blanda is their most experienced board-certified orthopedic surgeon, having been in practice with the clinic for 47 years. Their board-certified physiatrist is Dr. Daniel Hodges, who provides physical medicine and rehabilitation services, pain management, in-office EMGs, and nerve conduction studies. Dr. Jayme Trahan is a board-certified neurosurgeon who has had countless patient testimonials on how his services have positively impacted their quality of life. Dr. David Muldowny and Dr. Malcolm Stubbs are board-certified orthopedic surgeons — They are both certified in performing Rosa Robotic Assisted Knee replacement surgery. Recently, Dr. Stubbs implanted the clinics first Zimmer Persona IQ Smart Knee Replacement.

Lafayette Bone & Joint Inc.
1103 Kaliste Saloom Rd
100 & 102, Lafayette


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