Kenneth J. Cochran, DSc, RN, FACHE

CEO | Opelousas General Health System

2021 Kingfish

Kingfish Kennethcochran

With over 20 years of hospital experience, including clinical expertise as a registered nurse, Dr. Kenneth Cochran is an enormous asset to Opelousas General Health System as President/CEO.

Dr. Cochran has extensive involvement in local, state and national level organizations and has been recognized for exceptional skills in financial and operations management, clinical outcomes, and physician recruitment. Since beginning his tenure at OGHS in 2015, he has been instrumental in driving initiatives to reduce hospital acquired conditions by 92 percent, increase employee engagement by 65 percent, and improve customer satisfaction by 46 percent.

Dr. Cochran’s greatest passion is working with the community to improve health outcomes. He contributes his success at OGHS to his leadership team, physicians and staff that he works alongside every day.

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