Judy Dunn


In 1992, Judy Dunn moved to Lafayette knowing only her husband, Bob Dunn. In the same way that the right conditions can turn a magnolia seedling into a 60’ tree, so did the Lafayette community provide for enormous growth for the Dunns. Dunn’s Furniture & Interiors began as a small, unique decorating service and, now a one-stop shop, has grown to include its own line of furniture made in America.

In 2015, a Stage 4 cancer diagnosis changed Judy’s life forever. Now cancer free, she sees that challenge as an opportunity and helped start the Prayer Blanket Ministry at First Baptist Church Lafayette that has touched over 1,000 lives internationally.

The Dunns proudly support the Lafayette Symphony, and Judy is a member of the ASWL. Judy also raises funds for Animal Aid. Additionally, she currently leads a committee to raise funds for Kathy’s Healing Garden at Women’s & Children’s Hospital.



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