Ingrid Rinck

Ingrid Rinck is the owner and creator of Sensible Meals, the largest meal prep program in the country. It’s based right here in Louisiana. Acadiana holds a spot in the top three largest client bases they serve. The food was created for Weightloss, but the flavor profile often uses Louisiana favorites such as red beans and rice and gumbo, which are hits across the US. Clients find the program easy to stick, saying “Weightloss never tasted so good!”

Ingrid and Sensible Meals have racked up numerous awards in the company’s five years including Woman of the Year, Entrepreneur of the Year, Best Weightloss, Top Meal Prep, Best in the Biz, Top Female Achiever, and the Face of Weightloss. She was also one of our Acadiana Profile Steel Magnolias in 2018.

Summer 2019 is an exciting time for Sensible Meals with all new kitchens, chefs, meats and packaging rolling out. “We are excited to bring this update to the Lafayette area” says Ingrid.

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