Hospice Care

Established in 1983 as the first and only nonprofit hospice provider in Acadiana, Hospice of Acadiana today serves a nine-parish region, providing medical, social, emotional, and spiritual services for terminal patients with a prognosis of six months or less to live, as well as support services for their families.

“We love how progressive our community is about caring for their own. Our culture is steeped in family,” says Karl Broussard, CEO. The Hospice of Acadiana leadership team, including Michael LeJeune, COO, and Kacee Thompson, Executive Director, is inspired by the duty of service. “It is a calling to provide death with dignity to all individuals and we take this to heart,” says Broussard.

Hospice of Acadiana partners with numerous universities and programs in providing hands-on learning for future professionals. Additionally, they provide free grief and transition counseling across Acadiana. Hospice of Acadiana is recognized as an Elite Hospice provider, ranking it in the top 2 percent of hospices nationally.

2600 Johnston Street, Lafayette
337.232.1234 | hospiceacadiana.com

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