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Attorney Owners | Mitzi Mayeux and Peter John Marshall

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Making our clients’ dream of homeownership a reality—it’s like being a fairy godmother!

Local attorneys Mitzi Mayeux and Peter John Marshall were drawn together to breathe new life into an industry they felt was behind the times for the way people live today. Managed by Peter John Marshall and Mitzi Mayeux, their two Cypress Title offices in Lafayette and in Lake Charles handle both residential and commercial real estate transactions.

“We pride ourselves on our commitment to customer service,” says Mitzi. “Our team provides a well-coordinated and efficient response to clients and we thrive on taking the closing experience to the next level, all while managing to have lots of fun. We
feel like the closing table should be a celebration for all parties involved.” says Mitzi.

“Practicing real estate law may sound boring, but it is very exciting,” says Peter. “Closing day is a busy day where keys are exchanged, checks are distributed, and celebratory bottles get popped.”


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