Adventures by the Month: July

Tropical island under and above water

In the summer issue of New Orleans Bride Magazine, contributing travel editor Becca Hensley gifted readers with the perfect honeymoon spots for each month. In December, Hensley whisked us away to Beaver Creek Colorado and Bali in November. To continue the Adventures by the Month series, Hensley handpicked gems in Tahiti for July. Pack a bag for you and your honey or take a trip with your best mates, which ever you choose this fiery locale will make for the perfect vacation getaway.

-Kelly Massicot


July: Tahiti

Marlon Brando called his response to Tahiti the “tincture of the South Seas.” Revived by the pristine environments, Polynesian lifestyle, remote expanses, and romantic French undertones of the island nation, Brando relished the lifestyle so much, he left Hollywood behind and became a resident. Composed of five archipelagos and countless Lilliputian islands the locals call “motus,” French Polynesia sits far outside the Pacific cyclone zone. Nevertheless, this patchwork of paradise gets hot, humid and rainy, December through February. To avoid that clammy weather, jet over in July, when you can also celebrate both French Independence Day (Bastille Day, July 14) and Fourth of July in a tropical setting. Though you’ll probably be so seduced by your over lagoon suite on stilts to remember the date, you’ll certainly pay homage to the uniqueness of the locale — a sum product of generous-hearted people, eye-popping nature and a soothing, somewhat magical quality, the residents refer to as mana. While Brando’s personal island, Tetiaroa, now vaunts an opulent eco-hotel, The Brando, French Polynesia offers other secluded island escapes, from Rantiaroa to Raitea. On Tikehau, in the Tuamotu Archipelago, you’ll feel as welcomed as family at Tikehau Pearl Beach Resort. On its own private islet framing a limpid, cobalt lagoon, this low-key resort reminds you that there’s more to life than checking your texts. Stay in an over-water bungalow and watch the colorful fish flit by from a window in the floor, kayak, and snorkel from your personal dock.



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