5 Tips for Selling Your Home


1. Hire a realtor

Again, this might seem obvious, but Savant warns against homeowners trying to go it alone. Most often, sellers take this route to avoid what they see as unnecessary costs. But, Savant said more times than not, you’ll make up for those expenses in the long run by working with a realtor.

2. Keep your house open-house ready

A good realtor will do their best to accommodate your schedule, but Savant recommends keeping your house ready to show at all times. “You never know when your buyer will walk past. If you’re ready to show your house at a moment’s notice, you’re less likely to miss out on a deal.” Clean your house, remove excess clutter, she said, and try to maintain a polished look.

3. Spruce up exterior for curb appeal

Your yard and the outside of your home will be the first thing realtors and prospective buyers see, whether they’re just passing by or browsing online. It won’t matter how gorgeously designed your interiors are, if people aren’t charmed at first look.

4. Invest in professional photography and stage your home if possible

“Nowadays, everyone looks online first,” Savant said. “Don’t scrimp on your photography. Don’t rely on your iPhone, no matter how good the camera is. Hire someone who really knows how to photograph interiors, it will make a huge difference in bringing people in. If your budget allows for home staging, definitely do it.

5. Update your appliances

If there’s one thing that dropping some cash up front on can really pay off on in the end, Bacque said it’s upgrading your appliances. “The important thing is that the buyer knows your appliances have modern features, work well and won’t have to be replaced anytime soon.”


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