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There are few times of year more magical in South Louisiana than spring. The temperature can of course get fairly high, but for the most part it ranges from cool to just a little hot, as opposed to the barely bearable, entirely oppressive summer heat. Crawfish is also abundant, which trumps pretty much every other reason to love this time of year.

This season when I’m not eating crawfish, I’ll be hiking, biking, gardening, picnicking and otherwise relishing the many outdoor activities I enjoy before it’s too hot to bother. In fact, I’ve been inspired by “De la Cusine” writer Marcelle Bienvenu to coordinate a picnic as soon as possible as an excuse to whip up a batch of her delectable-sounding pâté.

Also in season in Louisiana until the end of May is brown shrimp. If like me you are a shrimp lover and crave it any time you can get your hands on it, our feature on Acadiana’s multigenerational shrimping families is a must-read. Writer and photographer Kevin Rabalais traveled throughout South Louisiana to talk to shrimpers about their passion for the work and the seemingly insurmountable challenges facing this beloved regional industry that has sustained local families for decades. I’m a firm believer in always knowing where our food comes from and who brings it to our plates. By learning about the people, places, creatures and conditions that that must be met to produce our food, we gain a greater appreciation for it and understanding of how we can better serve the communities that serve us, as well as conserve and respect the animals, Earth and humans that make our meals possible. The memorable families you’ll meet in this feature have a lot to teach us if we pause long enough to listen.

Last, but certainly not least, we have another installment of our annual Acadiana Trailblazers. Like Acadiana’s shrimping families, these folks are making a big impact on the region. You’ll come away from their stories feeling inspired and motivated. I certainly did.


Melanie Warner Spencer
Managing Editor



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