Author: Lisa LeBlanc-Berry

Tops of Acadiana

In Acadiana, there’s no shortage of delectable food, boogie-down music, talented individuals, stylish shops, tasty brews and places for cultural enlightenment or entertaining adventures. Which makes it nearly impossible to pick and choose favorites. Perhaps we are gluttons for punishment, …

The Manual

For the men of Acadiana, family is the tie that binds; hard work is paramount; the land is to be cared for and cherished; and life is to be not only appreciated, but lived to the fullest and with joy.…

Literary Legend

At 83, celebrated author Ernest J. Gaines reflects on his hopes and passions from his home in Oscar.

Living in Ab-stentia: Week Three

Leisure travel without a pre-flight adult beverage wasn’t something I considered when I accepted the NOLA.Com #AlcoholFreeFo40 Challenge. This weekend, we attended the Houston friend’s going away party I mentioned in last week’s post. Our flight to Houston was early on…

Cajun Boucherie

Community, culture and sustainability converge with culinary delights

Lâche Pas

Sustaining and spreading the tradition of Cajun boucherie

Impossible n'est pas français

For today’s Bon Vivant, I originally planned to write about local cookbooks. As a dedicated home cook, the owner of more than 25 cookbooks, the editor of “The Essential Louisiana Cookbook,” by Stanley Dry (published by Renaissance Publishing) and a…

New Orleans Noshing

The Bon Vivant’s list of go-to Crescent City eateries on and off the beaten path

Docville Farm

A charming space in Violet serves as a multi-purpose event space and learning center.

Foodie Fun

Stations, bars, flights and food trucks are the way to go at wedding receptions and after parties

For the Love of Antique Wood

A timber frame fashioned by Amish craftsmen showcases the enduring beauty of reclaimed lumber in a house designed by Acadia Parish farmers in Iota.

Planning Ahead and Building Trust

Melanie Andrews Destrehan Specialty: General Dentistry with emphasis on Restorative and Cosmetic Dentistry •    Louisiana Tech University 1979 •    LSU School of Dentistry 1983 Native of Trout     When Dr. Melanie Andrews picked dentistry as a profession fresh out…