Acadiana Profile Steel Magnolias

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2021 Acadiana Profile Steel Magnolias

A  Southern woman has a legendary mystique.  Storytellers have long tapped into the worlds fascination with a woman who is feminine and speaks her mind; gracious, but in no way a pushover; and possess the strength and force of a hurricane.  The Southern Woman has earned fitting nickname:  Steel Magnolia.

We would like to thank the following professionals and business who participated in the photoshoot:

Les Amis Flowers
Victori Guidry, Caitlin Barnett, Wendy Campbell, Sarah Morvant
for make-up applications and hair sytling
Ballin’s for providing some of the clothing
River Oaks Catering for the use of their venue
Danley Romero with Romero & Romero for the professional photography

Supported By:

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For more information contact Rebecca Taylor at or call her at (337) 298-4424.

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